Summer is here. That means warmer weather and a changing environment. Much like winter, you can take precautions this summer to ensure your car runs smoothly. Let’s get into a couple of these tips.

Prepare Your Battery for High Temperatures

It’s going to get hot this summer. A polar vortex winter may well mean a scorching hot summer. It’s important that your battery is ready for that. Vibration is one of the biggest threats to your battery. Make certain that your battery is properly mounted to cut back on vibration. Another problem occurs when your battery fluid evaporates in high temperatures. This causes corrosions, so be sure to clean any corrosive build up on cable clamps, and make sure they’re on tight and won’t move around.

If your battery is getting old (a couple of years or more), you should take your car into a professional to see how much longer it will last. If it can’t make it through the summer, it’ll need replacing immediately.

Always Keep Your Engine Cool in the Summer

Cooling systems are in place already to make sure your engine does not get too hot. However, they should still be flushed periodically, as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Additionally, always make sure the coolant is always filled to the proper level. You can do this by checking the overflow reservoir. If needed, top off the reservoir with half water/half coolant. Also, be sure to inspect other heat susceptible engine parts like hoses and belts for signs of poor condition.

Make Sure Your Tires Are Properly Inflated

If your tires are underinflated, they can overheat and seriously increase the chances that one of them blows out. This likelihood increases, even more, when roads are heated by summer temperatures. Check your tire’s pressure monthly to make sure they’re always at the right PSI. It’s best to check them in the morning after the car sits all night so tires are cool (this is the most accurate reading). Keep your tires inflated to the pressure in your the owners manual of your car.

Keep a Comfortable and Reasonable Driving Environment this Summer

If you’ve ever gone a whole summer in Wisconsin with no air conditioning, you know how uncomfortable it can be. However, a properly functioning AC unit is not exactly a luxurious feature. Extreme heat can cause you to sweat, become dehydrated, and increase fatigue while driving. Being totally alert while driving is as important as any of these safety tips above. Filters in the car should be checked as well to make sure that air flow is working properly.

Be Prepared for a Summer Breakdown!

Even if you follow all these tips above, breakdowns and accidents happen. Often, for much more complicated reasons than the ones we’ve mentioned. If you ever find yourself stranded with a broken down car, don’t hesitate to call Morgan’s Collision Center! We offer towing services 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

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