It’s officially summer, and spring cleaning is behind us. You cleaned your closet. You organized your books shelves. But have you had your car detailed? Maybe not, but you should. Detailing your car can take a smelly, stained, and paint-chipped car from garbage to gold in just a couple of hours. Here’s what you can expect from a professional car detailer.

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Exterior Car Detailing

For a brand new looking car, here is what a professional will do to make your car look as good as new.

Clean All Parts of the Wheels

The first thing a professional detailer will do is completely clean your wheels. They start by brushing the wheel rims clean with their preferred wheel cleaner or degreaser. The wheels are always the dirtiest part of the car’s exterior. You may even need to let the wheel cleaner soak for a while to really pull off that stuck-on grime. In addition, chrome rims get a glass cleaner applied to help them shine.

The detailer washes the tires with a tire cleaner as well. This helps the tires maintain a glossy look, especially if they use a high-quality tire dressing.

Clean Under the Hood

An expert car detailer like we have at Morgan’s Collision Center knows to wrap electrical components under the hood in plastic to keep them out of the way. Then, they spray everything in degreaser and follow that process with an intense pressure wash. This gets all that gunk out from those hard to reach places.

The next step a detailer takes is to clean anything under the hood that isn’t metal. These parts take a vinyl protectant that keeps them looking good and strong. Letting cleaning products soak a bit here works well on extra dirty places too.

Wash the Car’s Whole Exterior

The next step is to wash the car. Keep in mind, professionals use car soap, not just a typical soap or detergent. In addition, sudsy and foamy soap helps to remove stuck-on dirt and particles. Once the car is washed, it will be rinsed with water and then dried using microfiber cloths or drying mittens (air-drying leaves behind soap spots).

Clean the Exterior Windows

The detailer then cleans the exterior side of the window using a glass or window-specific cleaner. A squeegee helps to minimize and streaks in the glass. Once finished, the windows should shine and sparkle. If they seem dull, try it cleaning the dull spot again.

Scrub Exterior with a Liquid Clay Bar

One of the last steps is to scrub the whole exterior with a liquid clay bar. The liquid clay bar helps to remove any bonded particles. For things like sap, it’s better to use a regular clay bar. A professional will know the appropriate cleaning tools for the given situation.

Polish or Wax the Exterior

The last step in the exterior detailing process is to polish or wax the car. Depending on the car, the detailer may choose to polish for a glossy look or wax to protect the paint. Either way, this process is typically done by using some type of buffer. Most professionals use a rotary buffer, but this can still be done by hand as well.

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