Life comes at you fast. Your daily responsibilities keep you on the run, and there’s no time to deal with unexpected problems. Just when you think you have everything under control, you’re the victim of a broken car window. Whether due to an errant flying rock, the work of an angry vandal, or a collision, the bits of broken glass littering the ground and interior of your car after this sort of accident can make a bad situation feel even worse. Luckily, here at Morgan’s Collision Center, we’re glass repair experts in Muskego.

Glass repair is a tricky process. Besides the obvious safety concerns of dealing with broken glass, modern vehicle glass is high tech and requires special skills and experience to properly install and repair. The laminate that surrounds windshield glass provides important safety for passengers but increases the level of difficulty when it comes to repairing the damage.

A chip in a vehicle’s windshield caused by a rock or other item colliding with the glass creates a crack or break in the glass with a resulting air pocket void. If it isn’t promptly repaired, the damage may increase with temperature changes and vehicle flexing in normal usage, increasing the size of the damaged area and reducing the structural strength of the windshield.

Our skilled glass repair technicians will inject the void with a special resin to remove the air and return the windshield to its previous integrity. A UV light will cure the resin, restoring the strength of the windshield, and in many cases, making for an almost imperceptible repair. You’ll be astounded when the damage looks like it was never there!

Morgan’s Collision Center’s highly skilled experts have repaired all types of windshield damage. For a simple crack or chip, we’re typically able to repair it quickly and effectively. For shattered glass and more substantial damage that results in a window that needs replacement, our techs have the know-how and experience to put your vehicle back to the way it was. Our expert treatment means your problem will be gone, without worry about wind noise due to poor installation, or other problems that you may find with less experienced installers. You’ll even be happy to see that any broken glass in the interior of your vehicle has been carefully removed, ensuring the safety of all of your passengers.

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