It’s officially summer, and spring cleaning is behind us. You cleaned your closet. You organized your books shelves. But have you had your car interior detailed? Maybe not, but you should. Detailing your car can take a smelly, stained, and paint-chipped car from garbage to gold in just a couple of hours! Here’s what you can expect from a professional car detailer.

Interior Car Detailing

For a brand new feel inside your car, here’s what a professional will do.

Cleaned Carpet, Upholstery, Mats, & Seats

A professional detailer will remove all the floor mats first. They’ll vacuum the mats, the floors, the trunk, and everywhere else. They’ll usually start at the top and work their way down to ensure any dust particles that fall will eventually get vacuumed once they’re working down below. Then, they’ll clean all the carpeting, upholstery, mats and everything else with a foam cleanser. This removes all stains and leaves everything looking and smelling brand new.

Hole, Rip, and Snag Repair

If there are any holes, rips, or snags in your car’s carpet and upholstery, that will be made to look new again. To fix a hole, they’ll likely cut out space around the hole using a razor blade. Then, they’ll replace it with the material in a hidden space like from undersides of seats. They will, of course, ask permission before they make a decision like that, but you’ll want to say yes. A professional can make this fix so it looks like the hole was never there.

Clean Interior Surfaces, Buttons, and Crevices

You ever noticed crumbs accumulating deep in the cracks between interior buttons? All of those hard cleaning jobs will be taken care of. Detailers use compressed air to clean out all those hard to reach places to look brand new. They also wipe down and clean all the hard-surfaced on the dash, middle console, and doors. They’ll even use a brush to clean deep in the air vents to make sure there’s no dust or dirt in there.

Clean, Shampoo or Condition the Seats

This step is essential for good detail. However, there are all different kinds of seats. Your detailer will know how to clean every kind. Cloth interiors can be cleaned with shampoo and will then be properly dried afterward. Leather and vinyl seats can be cleaned and then brushed out with a leather brush.

If necessary, condition your leather seats so they do not dry out. Dry leather can look bad and crack, so conditioning them keeps them looking great.

Clean Windows & Mirrors

Cleaning the windows from the inside is very important. Detailers will spray glass cleaner on windows and mirrors and wipe them clean. For heavy build-up, they may use a special type of steel wool to deep clean. This makes all your surfaces spotless.

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