It happens before you even know it. You’re driving down the road when a small rock from a gravel truck ahead goes airborne. Of all places, it connects with your car, leaving you with an annoying cracked windshield.

Cracked windshields are most often caused by severe collisions. However, small stones cause a fair amount of cracked windshields as well. Furthermore, after a bad accident, you likely need to fix your windshield and other things immediately. If you don’t you won’t be able to see when you drive.

On the other hand, a small crack in the windshield can be negligible. You can surely drive without any vision impairment. You also probably don’t want to spend the money just to fix such a small crack. Unfortunately, small cracks are still a considerable hazard. Here’s why.

Why You Need to Replace the Cracked Windshield Immediately

First and foremost, a cracked windshield causes visual impairment. When the windshield is not crack free, the eyes can tend to look at the glass instead of through the glass. This effect is even more significant with harsh sunlight. The sun can reflect and glare off of the crack in strange ways, causing unpredictable safety problems. Anything that distracts you from watching the road needs to be corrected straight away.

Windshields also provide structural support for the vehicle. Cracked windshields decrease the stability of the vehicle as a whole, especially in the event of a rollover. The windshield helps the car hold its frame, and if it’s cracked, the roof is more likely to collapse. This can be extremely dangerous in high-speed accidents.

When Should A Small Cracked Windshield Be Considered Significant?

The general rule among collision repair experts is that any crack larger than a driver’s license should be fixed right away. Not only can this correct any significant drops in structural integrity and visual impairment, but it can also save you money.

More often then not, small cracks spread quickly. A crack just larger than a credit card can spread the length of the whole windshield quicker than you’d expect. Small bumps, dips, or other suspension maneuvers cause the windshield to bend and twist. A brand new windshield is very flexible and can hold up against these negligible impacts and stressors. However, a cracked windshield is far more vulnerable. These events cause the small crack to spread until soon, you have one large one.

Save Money & Fix the Small Cracked Windshield Right Away

Small cracks bother us. They look bad and spread easily. You need to weigh the options between fixing it now, or waiting until it’s a more pressing issue. Some people even wait until another problem arises so they can fix two things in one trip. This can result in more problems, safety hazards and expenses out of pocket than necessary.

A good car owner knows that correcting a small issue right away actually costs far less than replacing something that causes you major problems. A massive crack in your windshield? That’s a no-brainer major problem. It will cost you big to get a brand new windshield bought and installed. A crack about the size of a credit card? Minor fix. You just need to take your car down to your local expert. They can fix that problem quickly, with little to no hassle.

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