February 19, 2019

5 Common Questions About PDR

The smallest blemish on your vehicle can stick out like a sore thumb, ruining its look and resale value. But repainting your whole car to fix one dent is expensive and time consuming. What’s the solution?

For many people, it’s PDR (paintless dent removal). For dings and small dents, it’s your best bet for restoring your vehicle.

1. What Is PDR?

Paintless dent removal is exactly what it sounds like. It’s done through a number of different techniques that remove dents in your car’s body without requiring sanding or repainting. Instead, it uses a combination of unique tools and techniques to “pop” a dent back into place.

In our experience, customers like PDR because it offers them quicker turnaround times and lower repair costs.

Curious to know more? Click here to learn more about paintless dent removal.

2. What Types of Dents Can It Fix?

Small dings and dents that don’t scratch through the paint are typically not problem. And dents from hail damage, door dings, and minor fender benders can often be pushed out using PDR too. For the most part, any size or shape of dent can be fixed so long as it isn’t too sharp and doesn’t include paint damage.

3. What Types of Dents Can’t It Fix?

Unfortunately, PDR isn’t a all-cure method for every dent. Not all dents can be fixed with PDR, and that’s important to realize so that you don’t visit your service center with false expectations. So, what can’t be fixed by PDR?

  • Dents with paint damage
  • Sharp or pointed dents
  • Deep dents

4. Can I Do PDR Myself?

You may have seen blogs pop up in Google that show you the necessary tools and techniques for DIY paintless dent removal. And some tool manufacturer’s offer kits so that anyone can do it themselves at home. But remember: Just because the tools are there doesn’t mean they’re good or that you’ll know how to use them.

If you don’t know how to remove dents, there’s the real possibility that you could further damage your vehicle. And more damage means more money repairing it.

5. Who Does Paintless Dent Removal?

A great rule of them when it comes to your car or truck is this: When it comes to the integrity of your vehicle, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, just because you can doesn’t necessarily mean you should. If you have a dent that you need repaired, call a professional and get it done right.

Morgan’s Collision Center offers PDR services in Muskego. We can help restore your car’s beauty using the best tools and techniques.

Learn more about our paintless dent removal services here or contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

With winter well on the way, it’s important that your vehicle is in the best shape to tackle icy roads and snowstorms. The unexpected can happen at any time when driving on unsafe conditions. And, if you don’t prepare your vehicle for the cold, wet climate, it can put a dent in your wallet.

Here’s the scoop on keeping your car tip-top until springtime rolls around.

Get Your Car Detailed Before the First Snowfall

While it seems backward to polish up your car’s appearance, it may be the key to keeping your car in shape through the winter.

According to a blog from the DMV, rock salt used to prevent ice on roadways can cause damage to your paint, muffler, exhaust, and even your brakes. To prevent damage to your car’s appearance and drivability, you should get your car detailed and serviced before hitting the wintery roads.

When it comes to preserving your car’s elegant gloss, waxing your car before the cold sets in will give it an extra layer of protection to last you through winter.

Fix All Cracked and Missing Glass

If your windshield has a crack, it’s crucial that you get it replaced before the cold weather sets in. Here’s why:

  • Cracks in windows may have a tendency to expand due to temperature change and the weight of snow.
  • Replacing your windshield in colder weather can affect the glass strength.
  • Cracked glass may lead water to leak into your vehicle and affect the quality of your car’s insulation. To prevent further damage, it’s crucial that you get the necessary repair or replacement.

If you need work done fast, don’t forget to check out our express service.

Know Someone With a Tow

This may be your ultimate saving grace if you ever find yourself (or your car) in a rut.

Having a reliable towing service to call is imperative when driving in winter because unexpected driving conditions can increase the likelihood of accidents. Plus, cold weather may affect your engine’s performance.

If you’re stuck in a ditch, caught in an auto wreck, or your engine fails to start, having a tow to call is convenient and less stressful.

Make Sure You’re Insured

Drivers in Wisconsin are legally required to carry auto insurance, and if you’re one of the many people who ends up in accident this winter, you’ll be glad you have it.

Poor weather conditions often lead to auto accidents, and snow is a common factor in most. According to statistics from the Federal Highway Administration, there were 219, 942 crashes from 2004 to 2014 due to snow and sleet. And, snow and sleet were the third most common factor in accidents, behind rain and wet pavement.

When you are involved in an accident and uninsured, you open yourself up to legal repercussions that stretch to more than just auto repairs.

Get Yourself and Your Vehicle Ready

As the winter months close in, it’s important to get your car in shape. The unpredictability of cold, wet, and weather doesn’t have to be a deal breaker, nor does it need to break the bank.

Contact Morgan’s Collision Center for repairs and maintenance. We’ll make sure you’re riding right into springtime.

4 Common Causes of Car Paint Damage in Franklin & How You Can Avoid It

Repairing damaged car paint is more difficult than you might think. In fact, car companies have created between fifty and sixty thousand car paint colors over the years! This means that finding an exact color match for your car may be difficult or costly.

Thankfully, avoiding paint damage is simple, as long as you’re aware of the issues that cause it.

Curious to learn more? Keep reading. We’ll review the four most common causes of car paint damage in Franklin and how to avoid them.

tech buffing out car paint damage

1. Cleaning Cloths

Did you know that the items you’re using to clean your vehicle may actually be damaging your car’s paint? This is because cleaning cloths pick up debris, dust, and dirt. And if they’re not properly cleaned after every use, they transfer these items when used again.

All it takes is one swipe of a dirty cloth or rag across your car’s exterior to create tons of scratches. Avoid this issue by only using new or clean microfiber cloths to wipe down your vehicle.

2. Bird Droppings

Not only are bird droppings unappealing, but they can also damage your car’s exterior. And the scientific explanation behind this damage may surprise you.

During the day, the paint on your car is warm and expanded. If a bird dropping makes contact with your car during this time, it will harden while the paint is soft. Once night falls, the paint will contract around the hardened area, causing an imperfection in the paint’s surface.

To avoid damage from bird droppings, act fast. The quicker you can remove the dropping, the less likely it is to cause permanent harm.

3. Sunlight Can Cause Car Paint Damage

If you want your car’s color to stay vibrant, keep it out of the sun. After all, just like the sun’s UV rays can cause damage to our skin, they can also cause exterior car damage.

When UV rays hit your car’s paint, they damage the paint’s molecular bonds. And this damage can cause more than just a faded appearance. To avoid sun damage, keep your car parked in a covered area.

4. Automatic Car Washes

If you think automatic car washes are an effective way to clean your vehicle, think again. In fact, they may be causing exterior automobile damage at every turn. The brushes, bristles, fabrics, and cleaning agents used in automatic car washes are far too abrasive, causing scratches or even chipping your car’s paint.

Next time you want a sparkling clean car, look into vehicle detailing. Steering clear of automatic washes will prevent expensive damage to your car.

The Bottom Line

Car paint damage is detrimental to more than just your car’s appearance—it affects your car’s value as well. In order to avoid repainting expenses, remember:

  • Avoid automatic car washes.
  • Keep your vehicle out of the sun.
  • Only use clean or new cloths to wipe your car’s exterior.
  • If you see a bird dropping on your car, clean it off right away to avoid permanent damage.

Do you have any questions about this article or our services? Feel free to contact us anytime.

6 Facts About Paintless Dent Removal You Didn’t Know

There’s nothing worse than walking up to your car in the parking lot and spotting a dent that you had not seen before. A dent is not only aesthetically displeasing, it can also lower your vehicle’s resale value. Even worse, some methods for getting dents out of a car can cause scratches or scuffs.

Luckily, there are options for removing dents that are affordable and won’t damage your car. If you have a dent you need fixed, paintless dent removal might be the right choice for you.

technician fixing dent using pdr techniques


1. Paintless Dent Repair Will Not Need to Be Repainted

Paintless dent repair, also known as PDR, is a method of removing dents, dings, and creases from your vehicle’s exterior. The process removes this damage without affecting the factory finish on the car. This ensures that your car will not need to be repainted after the repair.

2. PDR Uses Shape Memory

When metal is manufactured and stamped at the factory, it is programmed into a specific shape. Because of this, the metal wants to maintain its original form. PDR works by simply applying pressure to ease the metal back into this shape.

3. PDR Is Less Expensive Than Other Options

Repairing dents can be expensive, ranging from $60 to over $100 depending on the size of the dent. This is why so many folks decide to leave dents be instead of having them fixed. Luckily, PDR is extremely affordable and can cost up to 60% less than other repair options.

4. PDR Is Fast

If you take your car to a traditional body shop, it may be there for a couple of days before they repair your dent. By contrast, PDR can be completed in just a few, short hours.

Of course, more complex damage may take longer to fix. For instance, if your car has extensive hail damage, PDR may take one to two days. This is still shorter than a body shop, however, which may take up to a week.

5. PDR Is Better for Your Car

While any kind of repair is better than leaving the dent, paintless dent removal is actually a better option, as it helps retain your car’s integrity and value. With traditional dent removal, the body shop will fill the dent, sand it, and then paint over it. In other words, the shop is covering the damage.

By contrast, paintless dent repair essentially returns your vehicle to the state it was in before it was dented. Once PDR is complete, it will be as if your car was never dented in the first place. This will leave less evidence of the dent, better preserving the full value of your car.

6. You Can Get Paintless Dent Removal for Your Car Today

With paintless dent removal, you will never have to worry again about a dent ruining your car. It will have your car looking great again in no time, offering you a greater value and longer return on your investment.

If you’re in need of auto collision repair, paintless dent removal, or any of our services, call us today. We can help get those dings and dents out of your car! Be sure to contact us here at Morgan’s Collision Center on our website or by calling 414-427-9080.

6 Reasons to Consider Auto Detailing in Muskego

Nothing beats the feeling of driving around in a sleek, shiny new car. And you don’t have to wait until your next vehicle purchase to experience it. A thorough auto detailing job will get your car looking as sparkly as the day you first drove it off the lot.

Feeling great and having your car look top-notch aren’t the only benefits of getting your car detailed. Here are six more reasons why auto detailing is right for you.

technician detailing vehicle

Protects Paint Condition

A common misconception among car owners is that clear coat is enough to protect your paint for the life of your car. It’s not. Every time your car is buffed or polished, the clear coat is being stripped away.

A professional detailer will take great care to make sure this doesn’t happen. The car is carefully washed, first with washing and drying to remove excess dirt, and then with a clay bar to rid the surface of any extra contaminants. Then, a wax coat is applied to protect against chipping, oxidation, erosion from bugs, and road salt from those Wisconsin winters.

Maintains Market Value

When it’s time to trade or resell, the cleanliness of your car can heavily impact your sale. As Alex Gutierrez from Kelly Blue Book told CNN, “You could probably negotiate an extra $300 to $500 if it’s properly cleaned.”

Regular auto detailing will keep your paint, engine, and more properly maintained, so as not to compromise your potential sale price.

Auto Detailing Extends Vehicle Life

Your engine is the heart of your car and needs to be carefully maintained as such. Auto detailing is a crucial part of making sure your engine keeps running smoothly. How? Well, making sure the engine bay is clear of grime and dirt will prevent costly roadside emergencies, and will help keep the engine itself running at a comfortable cool temperature. Hiring a professional to do the job can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in potential damage.

Increases Driver Safety

A standard detail generally includes a thorough cleaning of the headlights. This will allow more light to reach the roadway for better visibility when you need it.

Not only will your own driving be safer, but getting your headlights detailed promotes safety in other drivers as well. Dirt and dust particles can increase glare, and headlights that have been knocked askew can shine in the faces of oncoming drivers, compromising the safety of everyone on the road.

Promotes Good Health

Think of how your home would look if you didn’t clean or dust for months, even years. Would you expect it to have anything less than a negative effect on your health?

The same can be said for cars whose interiors aren’t ever deep cleaned. You spend a lot of time in your car. The dust, germs, and even mold spores that are bound to accumulate can take a noticeable toll on your health, especially for people with allergies, asthma, or weakened immune systems.

Better Gas Mileage

It seems too good to be true, but it’s backed by science: A clean car is more aerodynamic than a dirty car, and actually gets better gas mileage. Here’s the facts: A 2009 Mythbusters experiment found that driving a clean car made a noticeable impact on miles per gallon. When covered with dirt, their test car got 24 mpg at highway speeds. After a cleaning, the same car achieved an increase to an average of 26 mpg.

If you’re in need of vehicle detailing or any of our services, call us today. Be sure to contact us here at Morgan’s Collision Center on our website or by calling 414-427-9080. We’re ready to make your car shine.

Affordable Auto Glass Repair Options in New Berlin

Are there affordable auto glass options for your vehicle? You might have a chip or large crack in the windshield, and you haven’t had it replaced because you didn’t know there were other options available.

With the average cost of a windshield replacement over $200, it’s understandable that you’d let that go for a while. The longer you let it go, though, the worse your windshield can get. And there’s a good possibility that you don’t have to replace your whole windshield. Keep reading to learn more about affordable glass options for your vehicle.

mechanic examining auto glass

How Your Windshield Works

Have you ever wondered how your windshield gets beat up on the road and remains durable? It’s there to protect you from the elements of the road. That’s why your windshield isn’t made of pure glass. If it were, how long do you think it would last?

A windshield is made up of three layers. There are two layers of tempered glass fused to a rubber layer in the middle. Because of this design, when you have a chip or crack, an air pocket is created in the glass.

How Bad Is the Damage?

What do you do to determine what your options are? The first thing is to assess the damage to your windshield.

Look at the size of the damage. Is the chip around one inch in diameter? If it’s a crack, is it about 3 inches long? If so, then most shops can repair the damage. That’s the best affordable auto glass alternative to a full replacement. If you have multiple cracks or chips, however, you probably need to replace your whole windshield. Cracks and chips that appear at the edges of the windshield may also require a full replacement.

It’s always best to have an auto glass expert assess the damage first before you make any decisions.

Are There Affordable Auto Glass Options for Your Vehicle?

One way to repair auto glass is to do it yourself. Is that the safest option for your vehicle though? Probably not.

To repair a crack, professional glass repairers will drill holes at the ends of the crack to stop the crack from spreading. Even to repair a tiny ding in your windshield, a resin is injected into the air pockets. This type of work is skilled and complex, so it is best left to the experts.

Insurance companies may be able to help you fix your chips or cracks at no cost. It will depend on your company and your policy, so check with your insurance company first.

The main thing to do is to take care of the crack or chip right away. The longer you wait, the worse it can get. Then you may have to do a full replacement.

Check With the Experts

When it comes to vehicle safety, it’s always best to check with the experts. At Morgan Collision Center, our auto glass services will help you repair or replace your windshield affordably. Contact us here at Morgan’s Collision Center on our website or by calling 414-427-9080 to schedule an appointment.

5 Reasons to Choose Franklin Auto Repair

Having access to a Franklin auto repair expert is like finding money in your pocket. Not only will they keep your car valuable, you’ll also learn a lot about automobile repair in the process. There are a number of auto repair contractors that you can turn to, and you’ll be glad that you did.

Let’s dive into the five points below so that you understand the importance of finding the right auto professional in your area.

mechanic working on vehicle

1. Preventative Maintenance Keeps Your Car From Breaking Down

When you love your car with preventative maintenance, your car will love you back for the long haul. Finding a Franklin auto repair shop ensures that you’re always getting this maintenance.

If you fail to have a repair pro give your vehicle regular maintenance, it’ll come back to bite you in the form of an unexpected and expensive repair.

2. Franklin Auto Repair Experts Can Keep Your Vehicle Looking Beautiful

To make your car sparkle, shine, and look as wonderful as possible, you need to get it detailed. Hiring a repair shop that offers auto detailing lets you take things further than a simple wash and wax. Repair pros will get the most pop out of your paint color, while also getting rid of scratches, dings, and imperfections. Many shops also do full auto body work, which is important if you get into a wreck or hit an object.

3. The Engine Will Be More Efficient

If you contact an auto repair professional, you can count on having your vehicle run efficiently. For instance:

  • Start getting regular oil changes, tune-ups, engine flushes and more, and you can count on your vehicle serving you.
  • Getting your engine flushed helps remove additives, gunk and other problems that keep your engine locked up and running poorly.

4. Your Car Will Preserve Its Resale Value

Even though a lot has been written about how quickly cars lose value, you can still preserve your car’s value through repair and maintenance.

A car that is well kept through the help of a Franklin car repair expert will return more on your investment during a sale. Make sure you’re aware of your car’s Blue Book value and always be making improvements that will go a long way.

5. The Vehicle Will Run Safely

Finally, safety is paramount when it comes to maintaining a vehicle. That’s why it’s important to take your car in for an annual inspection. Doing this makes sure you’re fixing glaring problems that put you at risk. You’re putting yourself in danger when your car breaks down, so keeping the vehicle repaired makes this a non-issue.

Time to Find a Franklin Auto Repair Shop

If you’re in need of vehicle detailing, auto collision repair, 24-hour towing, or any of our many other services, we can help! Be sure to contact us here at Morgan’s Collision Center on our website or by calling 414-427-9080.