February 19, 2019

5 Common Questions About PDR

The smallest blemish on your vehicle can stick out like a sore thumb, ruining its look and resale value. But repainting your whole car to fix one dent is expensive and time consuming. What’s the solution?

For many people, it’s PDR (paintless dent removal). For dings and small dents, it’s your best bet for restoring your vehicle.

1. What Is PDR?

Paintless dent removal is exactly what it sounds like. It’s done through a number of different techniques that remove dents in your car’s body without requiring sanding or repainting. Instead, it uses a combination of unique tools and techniques to “pop” a dent back into place.

In our experience, customers like PDR because it offers them quicker turnaround times and lower repair costs.

Curious to know more? Click here to learn more about paintless dent removal.

2. What Types of Dents Can It Fix?

Small dings and dents that don’t scratch through the paint are typically not problem. And dents from hail damage, door dings, and minor fender benders can often be pushed out using PDR too. For the most part, any size or shape of dent can be fixed so long as it isn’t too sharp and doesn’t include paint damage.

3. What Types of Dents Can’t It Fix?

Unfortunately, PDR isn’t a all-cure method for every dent. Not all dents can be fixed with PDR, and that’s important to realize so that you don’t visit your service center with false expectations. So, what can’t be fixed by PDR?

  • Dents with paint damage
  • Sharp or pointed dents
  • Deep dents

4. Can I Do PDR Myself?

You may have seen blogs pop up in Google that show you the necessary tools and techniques for DIY paintless dent removal. And some tool manufacturer’s offer kits so that anyone can do it themselves at home. But remember: Just because the tools are there doesn’t mean they’re good or that you’ll know how to use them.

If you don’t know how to remove dents, there’s the real possibility that you could further damage your vehicle. And more damage means more money repairing it.

5. Who Does Paintless Dent Removal?

A great rule of them when it comes to your car or truck is this: When it comes to the integrity of your vehicle, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, just because you can doesn’t necessarily mean you should. If you have a dent that you need repaired, call a professional and get it done right.

Morgan’s Collision Center offers PDR services in Muskego. We can help restore your car’s beauty using the best tools and techniques.

Learn more about our paintless dent removal services here or contact us today to schedule an appointment.

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Car Body Shop in Muskego

While many customers want loyalty from mechanics, you’d be surprised to find that auto shops want the same from their customers. The ability to build a trusting relationship is in everyone’s interest, so finding a good car body shop to work with is great for everyone.

Here are four tips to abide by when searching for a Muskego body shop worth building a relationship with.

Large, spacious car repair shop

Tips for Finding the Best Body Shop in Your Area

1. Pick Someone Who’s Close to You

The first thing to do is to narrow down your choices to the ones nearest to you. If you recently got into an accident, you probably don’t want to travel far with your vehicle. Towing your car costs money, so finding a nearby body shop is a matter of saving money.

Searching online is a great way to narrow down which body shops are nearest you. You can usually set a range with online searches to ensure that you don’t get a lot of results that are irrelevant to your location.

2. Check Out Reviews

Location isn’t everything, however. You need to also concern yourself with the quality of the service you’re going to get. It’s definitely worth traveling an extra mile to get the best service in town.

Online reviews don’t give you the full picture of what makes an auto body shop good, but it can give you some idea. While you should always take online reviews with a grain of salt, you can get an idea of the kind of experience to expect from a body shop.

Online reviews might even come in from someone who has had the same problem with the same vehicle you have. This can give you deep insight.

3. Find Out What Their Specialty Is

Make a note of the specialty of a body shop when you’re looking into it. Some shops specialize in German cars while others do restoration on classic American cars. Depending on their specialty, you can better understand the service you’ll be getting.

Going to a body shop because they specialize in cars like yours is often a much smarter option than going for a jack of all trades, especially if you have an uncommon or special type of vehicle.

4. See If They Listen to You

When you talk to your body shop specialist, do you feel that they are listening to what you want from them? Having the work done the way that you want it done is vital.

If you don’t feel that they’re going to take the work as seriously as you need them to, you need to check out a different body shop. Any body shop worth your time will value you as a customer and either talk to you about why something can’t be done or do things your way.

Choose Your Car Body Shop Carefully

When you’re looking for a repair shop, choosing carefully is the best thing you can do to ensure that you get what you want and need. Every make and model has its own particularities, and a great repair team will respect that.

To ensure that your work gets done quickly, follow our guide for tips. And, if you need a body shop now, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment.

4 Tips for Saving Money On Auto Repair After a Car Accident

There are over 6 million car accidents in the United States every year. And, unfortunately for some people, their insurance doesn’t cover the cost of these repairs.

Paying for car accident repairs, even small ones, can take a lot of money out of your pocket. If your insurance doesn’t cover your car damages, make sure you read these four tips that’ll help you save money on your auto body repair.

image of money

1. Don’t Make Any Financial Decisions Right Away

Sometimes this can’t be helped, but if you can, avoid making any financial decisions about your car repair right after the accident. Give yourself a chance to calm down.

Don’t think about when and where to tow your car. Or what kind of repairs you’ll have to make. Or how much money it will cost. Instead, call the police, make sure the accident is reported the right way, and get some medical attention.

If you don’t give yourself this time to calm down, you might end up making hasty repair decisions. This can lead to spending more money than you actually need to spend.

Your main concern after an accident should be on your safety and the safety of anyone else involved in the accident. All the financial decisions can wait until later.

2. Find a Reputable Auto Body Shop

Reputable companies won’t overcharge you, and they have certified technicians to work on your car. If you don’t already have a trusted auto body shop, ask your friends and family members for recommendations. You can also read online reviews from platforms like Yelp and Google.

It’s typically a good idea to choose a local shop for your car repairs. Local body shops rely on word of mouth and referral business to get their names out there, so they often focus on offering good prices. You can often be sure they’ll provide good repairs with excellent customer service too.

3. Shop Around and Get Multiple Different Quotes

You can save money on your car repairs if you shop around for the best deal first. Many shops offer competitor price matching, and others will charge less than competitors in order to attract your business.

So, don’t just stick with the shop that towed your car away from the crash site.

If you can’t drive your car after the accident, ask the shop that towed your car for a quote. After that, call other auto body shops in the area to find out how much they will charge for the same repairs.

This will show you what an acceptable price is and which auto shops overcharge.

4. Always Check for Warning Signs

Just because the outside of your car seems fine, doesn’t mean all is fine. There could be damage inside the engine you can’t see. Driving with this damage could make your car worse or put you and your passengers in danger. If you address issues right away, they may not cost as much to repair either.

Always take your car to an auto body shop after an accident, even if you can’t see any of the damages yourself.

Do Your Best to Prevent Auto Body Care

An important part of saving money on auto body repairs is to prevent the damages from happening in the first place. Of course, this isn’t always possible. But whenever you can, do your best to keep your car out of harm’s way. That includes maintaining your car and driving well.

Is your car damaged? Are you looking for a way to save money on your auto body repair? Our full-service auto body repair shop in Muskego can help. Click here to see some of our services.

How to Get Your Car Accident Damages Repaired Fast

If you spend enough time behind the wheel of a car, chances are you’re eventually going to get into an accident. In fact, the average American driver is in an accident about once every 18 years.

Accidents can be scary for a number of reasons. You can get hurt and even killed in one. You can also be forced to seek repairs on accident damages afterwards.

If you need collision repair after an accident, you should act quickly. The quicker you act, the less likely your vehicle will end up in the shop for weeks or months afterwards.

Technician repairing vehicle

Here are our tips to get your car fixed after an accident.

Contact the Police

The first thing you should do after getting into an auto accident is call the local police and tell them about it. They will send a police officer down to the scene to figure out what happened.

As a lawyer will tell you, when speaking with the other drivers involved in a crash and the police, don’t assume liability for the accident. Simply tell the police what you remember and exchange insurance information with your fellow drivers before you and your vehicle leave the scene.

Reach Out to Your Auto Insurance Company

While you’re waiting for police to arrive at the accident scene, you should get in touch with your auto insurance company. They will let you know what you need to do next to get your car repaired. They can also arrange to have your car towed to one of their approved facilities in the area.

Your insurance policy may or may not cover a tow truck. You should speak with your auto insurance provider about what’s covered under your plan.

Take Your Car to an Auto Body Shop for an Estimate

Once the accident scene has cleared, you should get your car to an auto body shop approved by your insurance right away. Whether that means having it towed or driving it yourself, there is no time to waste.

The sooner you get your vehicle to an auto body shop, the sooner you will receive an accident estimate on how much it will cost to fix your vehicle.

Your insurance company will usually work directly with the auto body shop to determine how much damage was done and what auto accident repairs need to be made. There may be some back and forth between your insurance company and the auto body shop. This is why it’s important to get your car to the shop as quickly as you can from the beginning.

Have Repairs Made

After your insurance company and auto body shop have ironed out the details, repairs on your vehicle can begin.

There are several things that can delay the repair process. In some cases, an auto body shop will need to wait for parts to be delivered. In others, your insurance company might drag their feet on approving certain repairs.

You should maintain contact with both your insurance company and the auto body shop throughout the process. By staying on top of both sides, you can get your vehicle repaired and get back out on the road in no time.

Get Accident Damages Repaired Quickly

If you’re like most people, when you send your car into the repair shop, you want to have all of your problems fixed the right way. You also want to get your car back as soon as possible. That’s where we come in.

Contact us to schedule repairs for accident damages. Our body repair shop is located in Muskego, and we guarantee your vehicle will be fixed in a timely fashion.

5 Most Common Problems Fixed By An Auto Collision Center

Have you recently been in an accident and need repairs done on your car? If you’re one of over 120,000 Wisconsinites that’s been in an accident this year, you’ll need to get your car serviced. Here are the five most common problems fixed by an auto collision center.

technician repairing vehicle with body damage

Front End Damage

It snowed last night and you’re in a rush to get to work this morning. You pull to the end of your driveway and the roads look clear. As you start to drive down the road, you hit a patch of black ice, and despite your best efforts, drive ever so slowly into the telephone pole at the end of the block.

Not only is the bumper smooshed, but your grille and left headlight are smashed. Because lights, airbag deployment systems, and safety systems are often attached to the front bumper, it’s important to have a professional repair the front end of your car.

Rear End Damage

You’re trying to get out of the busy grocery store parking lot while the kids are screaming. You just want to get home and grab a beer. You reverse out of the spot quickly, so quickly that you don’t see the little yellow parking pole that the rear end of your car is now wrapped around.

With over 1.7 million rear-end collisions per year, they are the most common type of automobile accident in the U.S. Similar to front-end collision damage, the bumper, lights, and safety systems can be damaged. Reverse cameras can also take a hit.

Your local auto collision center can ensure that all of these systems are repaired along with the bodywork required.

Paint Scratches/Vandalism

You head over to Lambeau for the Packers vs. Bears game. You have a great time at the game watching the Packers trounce the Bears. Heading back to the car, you see that a Bears fan did not appreciate all of your Packers flags and bumper stickers. Their displeasure has been keyed into the side of your car.

While some of these scratches may be able to be covered with a touch-up pen, deeper scratches require professional help. Depending on the depth of the scratches, the entire panel may need to be replaced. Your local auto collision center can help with that.

Cracked Windshield

Driving down Highway 41/45 right by Lannon Road, a large chunk of gravel from the truck ahead of you bounces out of the truck bed and smacks into your windshield. It leaves a small gouge that quickly spreads into cracks.

While tempered glass windshields are designed to sustain considerable force, it can only withstand so much. The good news is that smaller cracks normally cost about $100 to fix. Larger cracks may require a windshield replacement.

Suspension Damage

Heading back from a very successful fishing day at the lake with your buddies, you’re not paying a lot of attention to the dirt road you’re driving on. Suddenly you hit a pothole so deep, all of you, including the cooler of fish, are airborne. Your suspension is shot.

Suspension damage can be anything from replacing a broken shock absorber to replacing the entire suspension system. Professionals at your local auto collision center can assess the damage and give you an estimate on what it will take to fix it.

Your Local Auto Collision Center Can Help

If you’ve been in an accident or have sustained some vehicle damage, we’d love to be able to help get you and your vehicle back on the road. Contact us today for an estimate.

Muskego Hail Damage Vehicle Repair

If your vehicle has been damage by hail, please give us a call to see how we can help.

Thanks CBS 58 and FOX 6 for coming out to Morgan’s Collision Center and catching the mad rush of Muskego area hail damaged vehicles after Sunday’s storm.

Auto Show Donation

On Sunday, June 29th, 2014 Wind Lake Lions Club is hosting their 18th Annual Auto Show and Morgan’s Collision Center is proud to be donating a custom painted mailbox and a battery tender for their raffle.  The custom mailbox was painted by Johnny D’s Color Shop.

The car show is held at Meyer Park, 26900 Meyer Drive, Wind Lake, WI 53185.  It starts at 10AM and goes till 5PM.   In addition to some really cool cars, there will be craft fair booths, BBQ chicken dinner, music, beer, baskets to be raffled off and 50/50 raffles.

Come out and have some fun!mailbox2 mailbox

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