February 19, 2019

Auto Glass Repair: 4 Questions to Ask

The revenue forecast for general automotive repair in 2018 is at around $50 billion. While auto glass repair is not one of the most common car repair issues, it still occurs a lot. Unfortunately, car owners don’t always know how to find a good glass repair service.

Common causes of auto glass damage include collisions, poor installation and road debris. Others include winds and hailstorms, extreme temperatures, and low-quality glass. You can also add vandalism and items coming from the vehicle ahead of you.

Since this is a serious issue, you need to find the best auto glass repair service. But how do you go about it?

Automobile glaziers workers replacing windscreen or windshield of a car in auto service station garage

Questions to Ask Before Accepting Auto Glass Repair

Due to the presence of many auto repair shops in Muskego, Franklin, and the surround areas, it can be difficult to pick out the best one. Moreover, there is a risk of falling victim to a type of car repair scam. Thus, you need to be sure you are dealing with professionals.

Here are four questions to ask before going for auto glass repair:

1. Is the Repair Necessary?

Some auto glass damage may seem small and irrelevant. Considering money doesn’t come easy for everyone, the car owner may decide not to “waste” it on the problem. Yet, this would be a bad idea. That’s because small cracks grow and may put your safety at risk.

These window cracks grow due to expansions caused by fluctuating temperatures. They may also grow because of road debris, car vibrations, and external pressure. It is better to visit a repair shop before the crack grows further.

2. Are They Auto Glass Repair Experts?

The next issue to deal with is finding a professional repair service. For example, if you live in Muskego, you can check online for the best company to fix your problem.

A top repair shop will give you all the details on repairing your auto glass. Their shop will have the latest equipment and well-trained mechanics. Plus, their service will be impeccable.

3. Should Your Repair or Replace?

Cracked or damaged glass is weak. Yet, you may not need to replace the whole thing. A glass technician can fix minor dents and cracks.

It is worth noting as well that it’s better to keep the car maker’s original windscreen. That’s because it has better structural integrity than the replacement windshields. Moreover, poor installation of the replacement may lead to cracks. These cracks may be dangerous for the driver.

You may also want to change your type of auto glass from tempered to laminated. Tempered glasses shatter when broken. Laminated glasses have an inter layer that holds the glass together when broken, which makes laminated glasses the safer option.

4. What Are the Financial and Quality Expectations?

The technicians will explain the costs of repair or replacement. You can check what your car insurer offers on auto glass repair services.

In terms of repair service quality, you should expect a warranty for the work done. The type of glass they use must meet the Traffic Safety Administration guidelines.

Learn More About Our Vehicle Repair

As you can see, it is much easier to fix your car when you are dealing with professionals. They have the equipment and the expertise to solve your car problems. They’ll get you back on the road in no time.

If you need your car windshield fixed, we can help! Contact us to learn more about our vehicle repair services.

5 Most Common Problems Fixed By An Auto Collision Center

Have you recently been in an accident and need repairs done on your car? If you’re one of over 120,000 Wisconsinites that’s been in an accident this year, you’ll need to get your car serviced. Here are the five most common problems fixed by an auto collision center.

technician repairing vehicle with body damage

Front End Damage

It snowed last night and you’re in a rush to get to work this morning. You pull to the end of your driveway and the roads look clear. As you start to drive down the road, you hit a patch of black ice, and despite your best efforts, drive ever so slowly into the telephone pole at the end of the block.

Not only is the bumper smooshed, but your grille and left headlight are smashed. Because lights, airbag deployment systems, and safety systems are often attached to the front bumper, it’s important to have a professional repair the front end of your car.

Rear End Damage

You’re trying to get out of the busy grocery store parking lot while the kids are screaming. You just want to get home and grab a beer. You reverse out of the spot quickly, so quickly that you don’t see the little yellow parking pole that the rear end of your car is now wrapped around.

With over 1.7 million rear-end collisions per year, they are the most common type of automobile accident in the U.S. Similar to front-end collision damage, the bumper, lights, and safety systems can be damaged. Reverse cameras can also take a hit.

Your local auto collision center can ensure that all of these systems are repaired along with the bodywork required.

Paint Scratches/Vandalism

You head over to Lambeau for the Packers vs. Bears game. You have a great time at the game watching the Packers trounce the Bears. Heading back to the car, you see that a Bears fan did not appreciate all of your Packers flags and bumper stickers. Their displeasure has been keyed into the side of your car.

While some of these scratches may be able to be covered with a touch-up pen, deeper scratches require professional help. Depending on the depth of the scratches, the entire panel may need to be replaced. Your local auto collision center can help with that.

Cracked Windshield

Driving down Highway 41/45 right by Lannon Road, a large chunk of gravel from the truck ahead of you bounces out of the truck bed and smacks into your windshield. It leaves a small gouge that quickly spreads into cracks.

While tempered glass windshields are designed to sustain considerable force, it can only withstand so much. The good news is that smaller cracks normally cost about $100 to fix. Larger cracks may require a windshield replacement.

Suspension Damage

Heading back from a very successful fishing day at the lake with your buddies, you’re not paying a lot of attention to the dirt road you’re driving on. Suddenly you hit a pothole so deep, all of you, including the cooler of fish, are airborne. Your suspension is shot.

Suspension damage can be anything from replacing a broken shock absorber to replacing the entire suspension system. Professionals at your local auto collision center can assess the damage and give you an estimate on what it will take to fix it.

Your Local Auto Collision Center Can Help

If you’ve been in an accident or have sustained some vehicle damage, we’d love to be able to help get you and your vehicle back on the road. Contact us today for an estimate.

How to Choose A Company That Offers 24 Hour Towing in Franklin

Having a breakdown late at night can be frightening, especially if you’re alone. Aside from the inconvenience, you’re completely helpless.

Finding a reliable towing company that provides service around the clock gives you peace of mind. It’s nice to know there’s a company you can trust when the unexpected happens. But what if you don’t have a company in mind? Whether you’re stuck on the side of the road or just want to prepare for a breakdown before it happens, there are a few things you need to look for.

car being loaded onto a tow truck

Let’s go over some ways to find 24 hour towing in your area.

A Local Reputation

If you need a tow truck, you need it immediately. When searching for a towing company, make sure you search for one in your city so you know they’ll get there quickly.

Once you search for a local company online, take a look at their website and make sure they offer 24 hour service. It’s also a good idea to take a look at how long they’ve been in business in your area. A reliable company will have strong roots in the community.

Most businesses now have a listing on Google Maps or a Google Business listing. These are geographically specific, so make sure you enter your location when searching online.

Check Out Online Reviews

Online reviews are a great way to determine what kind of service a business provides. When people have a good experience working with an organization, they like to let others know.

Make sure and check customer reviews online and avoid a business that has too many negative comments. Don’t risk getting bad service and then realizing the next day that you could’ve avoided it by reading reviews.

You should also look for testimonials on a towing service’s website. Lots of testimonials mean they provide consistent service. Also, check for accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.

Competitive Pricing

When you call a 24 hour towing service, make sure you ask about the total price up-front. Some companies will quote a price and then tack on additional fees once the work is done.

You also want to make sure their prices are competitive. Some disreputable towing companies overcharge, knowing that you’re in a bind and will pay more.

It helps to shop around and get quotes from other businesses in your area.

Experience Counts

Aside from getting there fast, you need to know that a 24 hour towing service knows what they’re doing. This means drivers that are trained and have experience with all sorts of situations.

Depending on the size, some vehicles are more difficult to tow than others. An experienced driver will know how to handle large vans or trucks as well as compact cars. They’ll also know how to deal with your vehicle if it’s in a tight spot or positioned awkwardly.

Don’t be afraid to ask about their driver’s experience when you call for service.

Find 24 Hour Towing in Franklin, WI

When you’re stranded, you need quality towing service fast. When searching for a business, keep these tips in mind and find someone you can trust.

Morgan’s Collision Center provides 24 hour towing along with collision repair in the Franklin and Muskego areas. Contact us today!

6 Facts About Paintless Dent Removal You Didn’t Know

There’s nothing worse than walking up to your car in the parking lot and spotting a dent that you had not seen before. A dent is not only aesthetically displeasing, it can also lower your vehicle’s resale value. Even worse, some methods for getting dents out of a car can cause scratches or scuffs.

Luckily, there are options for removing dents that are affordable and won’t damage your car. If you have a dent you need fixed, paintless dent removal might be the right choice for you.

technician fixing dent using pdr techniques


1. Paintless Dent Repair Will Not Need to Be Repainted

Paintless dent repair, also known as PDR, is a method of removing dents, dings, and creases from your vehicle’s exterior. The process removes this damage without affecting the factory finish on the car. This ensures that your car will not need to be repainted after the repair.

2. PDR Uses Shape Memory

When metal is manufactured and stamped at the factory, it is programmed into a specific shape. Because of this, the metal wants to maintain its original form. PDR works by simply applying pressure to ease the metal back into this shape.

3. PDR Is Less Expensive Than Other Options

Repairing dents can be expensive, ranging from $60 to over $100 depending on the size of the dent. This is why so many folks decide to leave dents be instead of having them fixed. Luckily, PDR is extremely affordable and can cost up to 60% less than other repair options.

4. PDR Is Fast

If you take your car to a traditional body shop, it may be there for a couple of days before they repair your dent. By contrast, PDR can be completed in just a few, short hours.

Of course, more complex damage may take longer to fix. For instance, if your car has extensive hail damage, PDR may take one to two days. This is still shorter than a body shop, however, which may take up to a week.

5. PDR Is Better for Your Car

While any kind of repair is better than leaving the dent, paintless dent removal is actually a better option, as it helps retain your car’s integrity and value. With traditional dent removal, the body shop will fill the dent, sand it, and then paint over it. In other words, the shop is covering the damage.

By contrast, paintless dent repair essentially returns your vehicle to the state it was in before it was dented. Once PDR is complete, it will be as if your car was never dented in the first place. This will leave less evidence of the dent, better preserving the full value of your car.

6. You Can Get Paintless Dent Removal for Your Car Today

With paintless dent removal, you will never have to worry again about a dent ruining your car. It will have your car looking great again in no time, offering you a greater value and longer return on your investment.

If you’re in need of auto collision repair, paintless dent removal, or any of our services, call us today. We can help get those dings and dents out of your car! Be sure to contact us here at Morgan’s Collision Center on our website or by calling 414-427-9080.

6 Reasons to Consider Auto Detailing in Muskego

Nothing beats the feeling of driving around in a sleek, shiny new car. And you don’t have to wait until your next vehicle purchase to experience it. A thorough auto detailing job will get your car looking as sparkly as the day you first drove it off the lot.

Feeling great and having your car look top-notch aren’t the only benefits of getting your car detailed. Here are six more reasons why auto detailing is right for you.

technician detailing vehicle

Protects Paint Condition

A common misconception among car owners is that clear coat is enough to protect your paint for the life of your car. It’s not. Every time your car is buffed or polished, the clear coat is being stripped away.

A professional detailer will take great care to make sure this doesn’t happen. The car is carefully washed, first with washing and drying to remove excess dirt, and then with a clay bar to rid the surface of any extra contaminants. Then, a wax coat is applied to protect against chipping, oxidation, erosion from bugs, and road salt from those Wisconsin winters.

Maintains Market Value

When it’s time to trade or resell, the cleanliness of your car can heavily impact your sale. As Alex Gutierrez from Kelly Blue Book told CNN, “You could probably negotiate an extra $300 to $500 if it’s properly cleaned.”

Regular auto detailing will keep your paint, engine, and more properly maintained, so as not to compromise your potential sale price.

Auto Detailing Extends Vehicle Life

Your engine is the heart of your car and needs to be carefully maintained as such. Auto detailing is a crucial part of making sure your engine keeps running smoothly. How? Well, making sure the engine bay is clear of grime and dirt will prevent costly roadside emergencies, and will help keep the engine itself running at a comfortable cool temperature. Hiring a professional to do the job can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in potential damage.

Increases Driver Safety

A standard detail generally includes a thorough cleaning of the headlights. This will allow more light to reach the roadway for better visibility when you need it.

Not only will your own driving be safer, but getting your headlights detailed promotes safety in other drivers as well. Dirt and dust particles can increase glare, and headlights that have been knocked askew can shine in the faces of oncoming drivers, compromising the safety of everyone on the road.

Promotes Good Health

Think of how your home would look if you didn’t clean or dust for months, even years. Would you expect it to have anything less than a negative effect on your health?

The same can be said for cars whose interiors aren’t ever deep cleaned. You spend a lot of time in your car. The dust, germs, and even mold spores that are bound to accumulate can take a noticeable toll on your health, especially for people with allergies, asthma, or weakened immune systems.

Better Gas Mileage

It seems too good to be true, but it’s backed by science: A clean car is more aerodynamic than a dirty car, and actually gets better gas mileage. Here’s the facts: A 2009 Mythbusters experiment found that driving a clean car made a noticeable impact on miles per gallon. When covered with dirt, their test car got 24 mpg at highway speeds. After a cleaning, the same car achieved an increase to an average of 26 mpg.

If you’re in need of vehicle detailing or any of our services, call us today. Be sure to contact us here at Morgan’s Collision Center on our website or by calling 414-427-9080. We’re ready to make your car shine.

Affordable Auto Glass Repair Options in New Berlin

Are there affordable auto glass options for your vehicle? You might have a chip or large crack in the windshield, and you haven’t had it replaced because you didn’t know there were other options available.

With the average cost of a windshield replacement over $200, it’s understandable that you’d let that go for a while. The longer you let it go, though, the worse your windshield can get. And there’s a good possibility that you don’t have to replace your whole windshield. Keep reading to learn more about affordable glass options for your vehicle.

mechanic examining auto glass

How Your Windshield Works

Have you ever wondered how your windshield gets beat up on the road and remains durable? It’s there to protect you from the elements of the road. That’s why your windshield isn’t made of pure glass. If it were, how long do you think it would last?

A windshield is made up of three layers. There are two layers of tempered glass fused to a rubber layer in the middle. Because of this design, when you have a chip or crack, an air pocket is created in the glass.

How Bad Is the Damage?

What do you do to determine what your options are? The first thing is to assess the damage to your windshield.

Look at the size of the damage. Is the chip around one inch in diameter? If it’s a crack, is it about 3 inches long? If so, then most shops can repair the damage. That’s the best affordable auto glass alternative to a full replacement. If you have multiple cracks or chips, however, you probably need to replace your whole windshield. Cracks and chips that appear at the edges of the windshield may also require a full replacement.

It’s always best to have an auto glass expert assess the damage first before you make any decisions.

Are There Affordable Auto Glass Options for Your Vehicle?

One way to repair auto glass is to do it yourself. Is that the safest option for your vehicle though? Probably not.

To repair a crack, professional glass repairers will drill holes at the ends of the crack to stop the crack from spreading. Even to repair a tiny ding in your windshield, a resin is injected into the air pockets. This type of work is skilled and complex, so it is best left to the experts.

Insurance companies may be able to help you fix your chips or cracks at no cost. It will depend on your company and your policy, so check with your insurance company first.

The main thing to do is to take care of the crack or chip right away. The longer you wait, the worse it can get. Then you may have to do a full replacement.

Check With the Experts

When it comes to vehicle safety, it’s always best to check with the experts. At Morgan Collision Center, our auto glass services will help you repair or replace your windshield affordably. Contact us here at Morgan’s Collision Center on our website or by calling 414-427-9080 to schedule an appointment.

5 Reasons to Choose Franklin Auto Repair

Having access to a Franklin auto repair expert is like finding money in your pocket. Not only will they keep your car valuable, you’ll also learn a lot about automobile repair in the process. There are a number of auto repair contractors that you can turn to, and you’ll be glad that you did.

Let’s dive into the five points below so that you understand the importance of finding the right auto professional in your area.

mechanic working on vehicle

1. Preventative Maintenance Keeps Your Car From Breaking Down

When you love your car with preventative maintenance, your car will love you back for the long haul. Finding a Franklin auto repair shop ensures that you’re always getting this maintenance.

If you fail to have a repair pro give your vehicle regular maintenance, it’ll come back to bite you in the form of an unexpected and expensive repair.

2. Franklin Auto Repair Experts Can Keep Your Vehicle Looking Beautiful

To make your car sparkle, shine, and look as wonderful as possible, you need to get it detailed. Hiring a repair shop that offers auto detailing lets you take things further than a simple wash and wax. Repair pros will get the most pop out of your paint color, while also getting rid of scratches, dings, and imperfections. Many shops also do full auto body work, which is important if you get into a wreck or hit an object.

3. The Engine Will Be More Efficient

If you contact an auto repair professional, you can count on having your vehicle run efficiently. For instance:

  • Start getting regular oil changes, tune-ups, engine flushes and more, and you can count on your vehicle serving you.
  • Getting your engine flushed helps remove additives, gunk and other problems that keep your engine locked up and running poorly.

4. Your Car Will Preserve Its Resale Value

Even though a lot has been written about how quickly cars lose value, you can still preserve your car’s value through repair and maintenance.

A car that is well kept through the help of a Franklin car repair expert will return more on your investment during a sale. Make sure you’re aware of your car’s Blue Book value and always be making improvements that will go a long way.

5. The Vehicle Will Run Safely

Finally, safety is paramount when it comes to maintaining a vehicle. That’s why it’s important to take your car in for an annual inspection. Doing this makes sure you’re fixing glaring problems that put you at risk. You’re putting yourself in danger when your car breaks down, so keeping the vehicle repaired makes this a non-issue.

Time to Find a Franklin Auto Repair Shop

If you’re in need of vehicle detailing, auto collision repair, 24-hour towing, or any of our many other services, we can help! Be sure to contact us here at Morgan’s Collision Center on our website or by calling 414-427-9080.

Vehicle Detailing Keeps Your Car Beautiful And Protected

Savvy car owners have long known how to keep their vehicles in top condition. The secret is a quality detailing service. While many may consider a detail job to be a luxury, keeping your vehicle clean and protected inside and out pays off when you go to trade in or sell. Plus, a good detail job tends to keep your car cleaner for longer, reducing those trips to the car wash. And last but not least, a detail job by a skilled professional puts your vehicles in the hands of an expert, so there are no worries of accidental scratches due to dirty equipment and bad chemicals. There is no better option for vehicle detailing in Muskego than Morgan’s Collision Center.

Wisconsin vehicles endure changes in weather that tend to put a vehicle’s finish to the test. From the onslaught of salt in the winter to the brutal sun rays in summer, our climate can easily cause damage to paint jobs in a relatively short period of time. And that’s just the exterior. All of that abuse tends to affect our vehicle’s interior as well, and busy lives don’t leave much time for cleaning the car, inside or out.

Morgan’s skilled vehicle detailing experts are the answer. We base our vehicle detailing services on our quality auto collision repair services, which gives us a deep knowledge of protecting vehicles inside and out.  Using this knowledge, our detail experts will begin with the exterior of your car, cleaning and protecting the paint, and removing surface imperfections and scratches with skilled paint polishing techniques. Chrome and vinyl surfaces will be treated and polished as well, removing pitting and other imperfections that become common as your vehicle ages. Wheels will be completely restored, with brake dust and debris removed to reveal a shine that you haven’t seen since the vehicle was new. Finally, all surfaces are treated appropriately for a showroom shine that lasts.

In the interior, our experts will remove dust and dirt and restore shine. Hard-to-reach areas will be cleaned like new, and ground-in dirt and debris will be removed. A protectant with a like-new shine will be carefully applied to all surfaces, and your car will once again have that new car smell.

Morgan’s prides ourselves on our excellent service in returning vehicles to their best possible condition, inside and out. Our vehicle detailing experts are ready to tackle your vehicle today, and get you back on the road with a clean, protected, and beautiful ride!

Contact us today!

If you’re in need of vehicle detailing, auto collision repair, 24-hour towing, or any of our services, call us today. Be sure to contact us here at Morgan’s Collision Center on our website or by calling 414-427-9080. Put us in your contacts for safety in the event that you’re stranded on the highway with a disabled vehicle.

24 Hour Towing is Your Safest Bet

With a higher speed limit on many of Wisconsin’s highways, distracted drivers more concerned with texting than driving, and more cars on the road than ever, it’s important to respect the danger that exists with every moment you spend in traffic. In the unfortunate event of an accident or breakdown, you can’t risk leaving your vehicle to examine the damage, or spending any more time on the side of the road than absolutely necessary. In the Muskego area, your best bet is the quality 24 Hour Towing service from Morgan’s Collision Center.

Our service is available and ready for your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our courteous tow truck operators hold your safety and security in the highest regard and will work hard to ensure they are on the scene as soon as possible. Getting you and your car to a safe location is our primary concern. Our highly-trained tow truck drivers are well experienced and able to act fast to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

At Morgan’s, we know accidents don’t keep normal business hours, and they frequently occur in the dead of night or the early morning hours. These types of situations may put you in even more danger, as extremely tired or possibly intoxicated drivers may be passing your stranded vehicle. Low visibility conditions can contribute to even alert and sober drivers misinterpreting the road ahead and accidentally swerving toward you and your vehicle.

Perhaps you’re alone, or perhaps you have your children in the vehicle with you. One of the worst decisions you can make is to exit your vehicle and try to see if you can get it operational again so you can make it to a service center. With one quick call, you can have a trained, competent Morgan’s Collision Center tow truck operator on his way to pick you up and get you and your loved ones out of harm’s way. Don’t take chances when it comes to highway safety. Put your trust in us, and call Morgan’s today.

Contact us today!

If you’re in need of auto collision repair, 24 hour towing, or any of our services, call us today. Be sure to contact us here at Morgan’s Collision Center on our website or by calling 414-427-9080. Put us in your contacts for safety in the event that you’re stranded on the highway with a disabled vehicle.

Paintless Dent Removal: How it Works

Your vehicle is important to you. What you drive says a lot about you and the image you want to portray. That’s why you take care of your ride by keeping it clean, driving with care, and parking it a safe distance from other vehicles to avoid dents and dings. Even with all this effort, you may still someday find a small dent on your vehicle. Don’t despair, though, because you’ve got the best source for Paintless Dent Removal in Muskego just a short drive away: Morgan’s Collision Center.

Like an unsightly battle scar, a dent on your vehicle can mar your car’s otherwise beautiful finish. Regardless of how much you may try to ignore its presence, it’s there – a constant reminder of an accident you’d prefer to forget. Every time you park your car and see the dent, your stomach starts to sink as you think about how much work it would be to have it repaired. Sound familiar? If so, you’ll be thrilled to know removing a dent is much easier than you’ve probably ever thought possible.

Morgan’s Collision Center is an expert in the art of paintless dent repair (PDR). We’ve honed our skills in this specialized technique over the years and have become your best bet for getting rid of that unsightly ding or dent quickly and without filling, sanding and repainting.

Paintless dent repair exploits a property of sheet metal known as shape memory. Once a body panel is manufactured by stamping in a massive tool at the factory, that metal is “programmed” into that specific shape. The metal wants to retain that shape, and will fight any minor deformations and attempt to return to the unaltered shape. This property serves us well in auto body work, since small dents can frequently be popped back into shape with nearly no evidence that a dent ever existed.

An assortment of tools may be used to accomplish this, depending on where the dent or ding is located on the vehicle. If it’s in a place where it can be accessed from the inside of the body panel, a long, angled dent repair tool can often push it back into place from the inside. If not, a pull tool may be used. These tools make use of powerful suction cups to attach to the panel at the dent and force it to pop back into its rightful shape.

This is not a beginner or DIY activity, and requires a skilled hand with years of experience to do correctly. If the sheet metal isn’t creased, and the metal and paint haven’t stretched, a dent repaired with paintless dent removal will not be noticeable at all – it will look as if it was never there.

Contact us today!

If you’re sick of staring at the dent on your vehicle, be sure to contact us here at Morgan’s Collision Center on our website or by calling 414-427-9080. We’ll discuss your needs and restore your vehicle to its beautiful former self.