Are there affordable auto glass options for your vehicle? You might have a chip or large crack in the windshield, and you haven’t had it replaced because you didn’t know there were other options available.

With the average cost of a windshield replacement over $200, it’s understandable that you’d let that go for a while. The longer you let it go, though, the worse your windshield can get. And there’s a good possibility that you don’t have to replace your whole windshield. Keep reading to learn more about affordable glass options for your vehicle.

mechanic examining auto glass

How Your Windshield Works

Have you ever wondered how your windshield gets beat up on the road and remains durable? It’s there to protect you from the elements of the road. That’s why your windshield isn’t made of pure glass. If it were, how long do you think it would last?

A windshield is made up of three layers. There are two layers of tempered glass fused to a rubber layer in the middle. Because of this design, when you have a chip or crack, an air pocket is created in the glass.

How Bad Is the Damage?

What do you do to determine what your options are? The first thing is to assess the damage to your windshield.

Look at the size of the damage. Is the chip around one inch in diameter? If it’s a crack, is it about 3 inches long? If so, then most shops can repair the damage. That’s the best affordable auto glass alternative to a full replacement. If you have multiple cracks or chips, however, you probably need to replace your whole windshield. Cracks and chips that appear at the edges of the windshield may also require a full replacement.

It’s always best to have an auto glass expert assess the damage first before you make any decisions.

Are There Affordable Auto Glass Options for Your Vehicle?

One way to repair auto glass is to do it yourself. Is that the safest option for your vehicle though? Probably not.

To repair a crack, professional glass repairers will drill holes at the ends of the crack to stop the crack from spreading. Even to repair a tiny ding in your windshield, a resin is injected into the air pockets. This type of work is skilled and complex, so it is best left to the experts.

Insurance companies may be able to help you fix your chips or cracks at no cost. It will depend on your company and your policy, so check with your insurance company first.

The main thing to do is to take care of the crack or chip right away. The longer you wait, the worse it can get. Then you may have to do a full replacement.

Check With the Experts

When it comes to vehicle safety, it’s always best to check with the experts. At Morgan Collision Center, our auto glass services will help you repair or replace your windshield affordably. Contact us here at Morgan’s Collision Center on our website or by calling 414-427-9080 to schedule an appointment.