There’s nothing worse than walking up to your car in the parking lot and spotting a dent that you had not seen before. A dent is not only aesthetically displeasing, it can also lower your vehicle’s resale value. Even worse, some methods for getting dents out of a car can cause scratches or scuffs.

Luckily, there are options for removing dents that are affordable and won’t damage your car. If you have a dent you need fixed, paintless dent removal might be the right choice for you.

technician fixing dent using pdr techniques


1. Paintless Dent Repair Will Not Need to Be Repainted

Paintless dent repair, also known as PDR, is a method of removing dents, dings, and creases from your vehicle’s exterior. The process removes this damage without affecting the factory finish on the car. This ensures that your car will not need to be repainted after the repair.

2. PDR Uses Shape Memory

When metal is manufactured and stamped at the factory, it is programmed into a specific shape. Because of this, the metal wants to maintain its original form. PDR works by simply applying pressure to ease the metal back into this shape.

3. PDR Is Less Expensive Than Other Options

Repairing dents can be expensive, ranging from $60 to over $100 depending on the size of the dent. This is why so many folks decide to leave dents be instead of having them fixed. Luckily, PDR is extremely affordable and can cost up to 60% less than other repair options.

4. PDR Is Fast

If you take your car to a traditional body shop, it may be there for a couple of days before they repair your dent. By contrast, PDR can be completed in just a few, short hours.

Of course, more complex damage may take longer to fix. For instance, if your car has extensive hail damage, PDR may take one to two days. This is still shorter than a body shop, however, which may take up to a week.

5. PDR Is Better for Your Car

While any kind of repair is better than leaving the dent, paintless dent removal is actually a better option, as it helps retain your car’s integrity and value. With traditional dent removal, the body shop will fill the dent, sand it, and then paint over it. In other words, the shop is covering the damage.

By contrast, paintless dent repair essentially returns your vehicle to the state it was in before it was dented. Once PDR is complete, it will be as if your car was never dented in the first place. This will leave less evidence of the dent, better preserving the full value of your car.

6. You Can Get Paintless Dent Removal for Your Car Today

With paintless dent removal, you will never have to worry again about a dent ruining your car. It will have your car looking great again in no time, offering you a greater value and longer return on your investment.

If you’re in need of auto collision repair, paintless dent removal, or any of our services, call us today. We can help get those dings and dents out of your car! Be sure to contact us here at Morgan’s Collision Center on our website or by calling 414-427-9080.